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WorkSpa’s Mission Is Workplace Wellbeing

Our mission at WorkSpa is to help organisations foster workplace cultures that improve productivity, work satisfaction and employee wellbeing.

Healthier employees create a happier, more productive working environment. That’s why developing and fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture is vital.

To help your employees thrive and feel truly valued, WorkSpa provides a dynamic range of bespoke services for the well-being of everyone in the company, key leaders and employees.

Workspa Wellness Mission
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WorkSpa’s Wellbeing Audit

The WorkSpa Wellbeing Audit evaluates your organisation’s internal processes and your employees’ mental and physical health to give you a comprehensive picture of your company’s wellness. Then, we’ll design a tailored program from our solutions to help you achieve a healthy and inclusive working culture.


Every business is unique in the way it works; that is why we offer tailor-made solutions designed to meet your company’s specific needs emphasising the importance of the connection between the mind, body, and being of an individual. By aligning and supporting all three elements, we can cultivate more effective approaches to your employees’ health.


We offer MindHealth programmes and workshops thanks to our psychotherapists and mental health coaches to help your company cope with stress, anxiety, and burnout and bring positive mental well-being to your workplace.

Inclusive Initiatives

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and workshops support your business, employees and its leaders in nurturing an organisational culture that understands and emphasises equality and diversity to promote greater awareness and a sense of belonging.


Our BodyHealth services and Wellbeing Weeks provide your employees with dynamic solutions to help boost morale and productivity. Our on-site chair massage, nutrition workshops and stretch classes support musculoskeletal care and physical wellbeing.

Grace Our Founder

Grace Graham

Born and raised in East London, Grace Graham has achieved huge success against challenging personal circumstances, founding WorkSpa in 2016 with the support of The Prince’s Trust and being awarded Ambassador of the year by King Charles III.

These events propelled her to make changes in her life and provide individuals with holistic solutions for their wellbeing.

She is passionate about assisting organisations in identifying how to create safe and inclusive spaces for their employees to allow them to thrive at work and reach their full potential.

Grace Graham

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“WorkSpa is the service execs’ call to keep their staff in good mental health.”

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Talks With Our Founder Grace

Grace is passionate about sharing her life journey to help others through adversity. Her talks are inspiring and thought-provoking and provide insight into how we can build resilience and create holistic approaches to our wellbeing.

Grace’s Grief Journey

Grace’s Grief Journey

Grace knows first-hand the challenging journey through grief, after losing her parents. During her talk, she shares the tools that have helped her through and how we can support ourselves and  others.

Grace Speaks Building resiliance

Building Resilience

Grace has overcome many adversities to becoming a Founder. Her mission is to help others see their capabilities and potential .During this talk she shares the strategies that have helped her build resilience.

Grace Graham Female Founder of Workspa

Female Founder

Learn about Grace’s journey as a CEO and her passion to change how individuals see well-being by providing holistic solutions to help build more wholesome approaches to health.

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