At WorkSpa our mission is to help companies foster better working environments that helps employees feel valued and thrive.

Grace Graham founded WorkSpa with the support of the Prince’s Trust in 2016. Grace is passionate about helping companies create working environments where employees feel valued and safe, knowing that their mental and physical welfare is being cared for. Her desire comes from her own experience of not being supported at work when going through challenging times. WorkSpa acts as an extension of your company, to create a recipe for a healthy working culture.

Grace is extremely dedicated to giving back, becoming an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust in 2017, speaking at many events from Buckingham Place to the British Consulate Residence in New York about her journey through adversity and entrepreneurship. Her impact at the Prince’s Trust has inspired other young entrepreneurs and women. Grace went on to win the regionals and national award for Ambassador Of The Year awarded by HRH Prince Charles for all her contributions in 2019.

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