Are you sitting at your desk for long hours, suffering from back aches and pains? Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Are your employees demotivated and sluggish at work?

Evidence of investing in your employees

People spend more awake hours at work than anywhere else, an average of 50 hours a week. Creating an environment that puts health and wellness strategies first is crucial in making your employees feel valued while supporting their mental and physical health.

Science-backed studies have shown the significance of providing massage services to help with job stressors. High stress levels at work can result in low morale, increased anxiety and depression—especially with the mental health consequences of the pandemic. These health conditions can lead to absenteeism and impaired work engagement and productivity.

WorkSpa has been supporting organisations since 2016 with mental health and physical health solutions to help companies improve productivity, work satisfaction, and well-being of employees. Our renowned Acupressure seated chair massage delivered by award winner therapists at The National Massage Championship has supported thousands of employees’ well-being over the years at our client’s offices such as The White Company, Fujitus UK, HSBC and 22 Bishopsgate. We take what we do seriously with client feedback and regular upskilling of our therapists. We have created the perfect massage routine using a combination of Deep Tissue, Swedish and Thai massage Techniques to reduce the postural demands of sitting and standing for long hours and with our use of essential oils, we create an experience that is rejuvenating and energising, leaving employees feeling renewed and ready to get back to the task at hand with a clearer perspective.

Here is what one of the employees had to say from our client at Canopius

“The therapist is outstanding, providing a great massage and advice regarding a recurring back problem – better than the physio I saw. I was about to give up. It is great to access his service at work, and it makes me feel valued by my company.”

A massage at work can improve feelings of contentment, belonging, and value. In a study, seated massage at work enhanced overall well-being, decreased depression and anxiety symptoms, improved ability to control emotions, and fewer sleep disturbances. According to the study, employees who received massages were more satisfied.

Workspa office massage has many benefits and is an excellent investment with a tangible return on investment. If you wish to learn more and organise an on-site chair massage get in touch with our team and we will tailor our service to your business needs.

Bespoke Office Massage at Workspa