BodyHealth from WorkSpa

When it comes to BodyHealth, we’re really flexible

To support the BodyHealth of all your employees, WorkSpa sessions can be delivered virtually and in-office, with employees booking and amending their appointments through our dedicated booking portal.

The portal also sends reminders to employees, and our ‘waiting list’ function allows our therapists to contact employees if a service opportunity becomes available at short notice.

Workshops and Courses

Safety First

WorkSpa’s professional therapists will arrive at the office or home with all the necessary equipment. To ensure your employees’ safety, they will conduct risk assessments during their visit and undergo a consultation to ensure each treatment is specific to your needs. WorkSpa’s therapists are CThA and FHT accredited and have public liability cover.


Relax…we’ve thought of everything

onsite massage

Onsite Massage

Our therapists are masseuses trained in acupressure, deep tissue and Swedish massage. All massages take place on ergonomically designed chairs, fully clothed. We use high-grade essential oils and play relaxing music, through wireless headphones, to aid the mindfulness process.

All treatments include a follow up, with aftercare and a ‘desk stretch’ card to continue our ongoing support.

mobile massage service

Mobile Massage

WorkSpa therapists provide a dynamic range of massage treatments to suit individual needs, all delivered in the comfort of home. We cover zones 1-3 in London, and offer a choice of massages including deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy and hot stone.

Prices start from £75 per hour.

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    Exercising the body and the mind

    rejuvenation yoga

    Rejuvenation Yoga

    Our bespoke classes benefit employees at every level, with sessions designed to counteract the postural demands of sitting for long hours, while increasing muscle strength, respiration and energy levels.

    The rejuvenation program combines a choice of vinyasa yoga, a faster-paced sequence of moments in sync with the breath, and yin yoga, a slower-paced yoga with postures that focus on supporting the lower part of the body.

    Keep Moving

    Keep Moving

    Our fitness sessions are accessible to all…easy to follow, high energy cardio workouts, working to the beat of the music to keep you motivated.

    You’ll learn a sequence of combat-inspired moves, built up into a combination, that together help you let go of your inhibitions and feel empowered. And it’s fun!

    sound bath

    Sound Bath

    Our sound bath sessions use a range of sounds and frequencies to rebalance the vibrations physically, spiritually and emotionally.

    Employees simply lie on the floor, immersed in sound and using breathwork and therapeutic instruments, like crystal bowls, to stimulate brain waves and the nervous system to help relax, heal and energise.

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    Getting the basics right

    better sleep


    Our sleep workshops explore why sleep is so important, how to improve your sleep hygiene, and how your body’s natural circadian rhythms determine the optimal time to sleep and rise.

    Our sleep expert will also teach you a meditation that will help you drift off into a blissful night’s sleep.

    improved nutrition


    Our nutrition workshops focus on key topics like brain health, boosting immunity, increasing energy and reducing stress, through eating the right foods.

    Sessions are results-driven and take an holistic and science-based approach to optimising health by incorporating human anatomy, physiology and nutritional science.