Convene Appointment Booking for 15 Minute On-site Chair Massages

Please read the employee waiver below the calendar BEFORE making your booking.

August 2022
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PLEASE NOTE : The appointment slots are for 20 minutes, but the massage time is 15 minutes – we allow 5-minutes for change-around time for the therapist.
If you are having a massage, please arrive on time for your treatment; if you are more than 5 minutes late, we will open up your appointment to someone on the waiting list. Thank you

Employee Waiver

By completing your booking, you confirm that;

    1. I do not have any injuries or conditions that prevent me from receiving a massage or taking part in active classes.
    2. I will be truthful with my therapist about any medical conditions during the massage and before any active classes.
    3. I will report any discomfort or pain to my therapist during the massage or an active class.
    4. I understand that massage therapy is no substitute for medical care and is for therapeutic purposes only.
    5. I release my therapist, and the associated business, from all liability concerning any injury or damages that may occur during or after my massage or active class.
    6. I, and all members of my household, do not currently have, nor have experienced, COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days.
    7. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in refusal of service.
    8. By booking my appointment, I acknowledge I am aware of the risks and consent to receive a massage or participate in an active class.

Your Safety is Important to us

All massages take place fully clothed. Our therapists will conduct risk assessments and consultations during their visit, under the Coronavirus Act 2020, to ensure your safety. WorkSpa’s Therapists are accredited by CThA and FHT and have public liability cover.

WorkSpa also provides clients with massages in the comfort of their home.

We cover zones 1-3 in London, and offer a choice of massages including deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy and hot stone.

If you are interested, please contact the WorkSpa Team:

Can't Find An Appointment?

If you cannot find an appointment you can put your details on our waiting list.