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Why companies need to invest
in employees’ mental health

Like all health conditions, mental health needs dedicated attention. At WorkSpa, we aim to help you build an environment for your employees that will create an ethos of open communication.

Through our support and initiatives, we’ll guide you in developing the tools to improve your workplace wellbeing strategies, thus allowing the desired culture – and broader business – to prosper.

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Workshops and Courses

How it works?

We conduct live employee surveys, feeding the findings into our management and leadership courses, to ensure
they provide the knowledge and skills to approach mental health challenges, both from an individual
and organisational perspective.

Workshops are delivered as 45 to 90 minute sessions, as a stand-alone or with 7 to 14 days between workshops. They cater for a
maximum of 35 to 100+ people online, and up to 30 in-office, per session, depending on the type of session. They are interactive, can include time
for Q&A, and can be modified for inclusivity for all faiths and religions.

For the optimum benefit to your organisation, and to create the most effective change, courses can be
implemented alongside each other.

Mental Health

MindHealth Matters

Employee course

  • What is mental health? An understanding of the common challenges faced by people.
  • Personalised self-care and coping strategies.
  • Learning how to alter your thoughts to promote good mental health and build resilience.
  • Setting boundaries in challenging times.
  • Acceptance and appreciation.
  • Understanding the impacts of Covid-19 and coping with grief.
  • Developing the confidence to ask for help.
  • Return to work toolkit.
MindHealth Awareness

MindHealth Awareness

Management course

  • What is mental health? An understanding of the common challenges faced by people.
  • Techniques to help manage boundaries and protect your own mental health.
  • Confidence – spotting the signs and symptoms in yourself and your teams.
  • Building the tools for positive, solution-focused conversations about mental health.
  • Clarity about your role and responsibility in addressing mental health issues.
  • Developing the confidence to ask for help.
  • Understanding internal and external support.
  • How to support yourself and those who have been bereaved.
mindhealth in action

MindHealth in Action

Leadership course

  • What is mental health? An understanding of the common challenges faced by people.
  • Mental health in relation to inclusion and diversity.
  • Building resilience, role models and co-regulation.
  • Developing the confidence to ask for help.
  • Walking the talk!
  • Removing stigma and creating a psychologically safe working environment.
  • Supportive conversational skills.
  • Return to work strategies.
  • Using the survey data to create a mental health protocol for the workplace.
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Inclusive Initiatives

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Inclusion and diversity at work

Management and leadership training

Creating a more diverse organisation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about valuing everyone as an individual. Done well, the process of promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace can be transformative and an essential aspect of good people management. However to reap the rewards, it’s vital to have an inclusive environment where everyone can participate and achieve their potential.

This session focuses on creating such an environment by showing how an inclusive and diverse workplace should look, by rethinking and auditing policies and procedures, and by learning how to put diversity and inclusion at the top of the agenda and weave it into everything your company does.

anti racism training for all employees

Anti-racism training

All employees training

Interactive and thought-provoking, this training focuses on how to be actively anti-racist by looking at our prejudice and personal experience, and at institutional and structural racism within society and organisations.

The training moves beyond conscious and unconscious bias training and towards active allyship and anti-racism. It covers how to be a good ally, what allyship looks like, becoming actively anti-racist in the workplace and beyond, and creating a culture that includes all people…regardless of colour or creed.

The session lasts 2 hours, can be delivered back-to-back or as two separate 1-hour sessions, and includes time for discussion and Q&A.

trauma informed training

Trauma-informed training

All employees training

Trauma is both a psychological and physiological response to a threat or harm. Everyone experiences some form of trauma in their life, but certain groups in society experience more trauma than others. It may occur due to a single event or to ongoing adversity, and can have a massive effect on how an individual lives their life and conducts themself in the workplace.

The first part of our training looks at how trauma affects a person’s ability to function in their day-to-day life. It looks at the different types of trauma, like racial, generational or childhood trauma, and at which groups are most affected.

The second part focuses on how trauma shows up in mentoring and working relationships, and provides the tools for a manager or mentor to navigate trauma responses and build positive mentoring and working relationships.

Training lasts 2 hours and can be delivered back-to-back or as two separate 1-hour sessions, with time for discussion and Q&A.

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Mindfulness – understanding the principles and benefits.

Employee course

  • Recognising signs of stress and dealing with them more mindfully.
  • Developing greater self-awareness.
  • Using mindfulness to improve relationships and productivity.
  • Learning how to be more compassionate to ourselves and others.
  • Using mindfulness to help create self-care strategies and a balance between work and home life.
  • Learning how breathing can be used to effectively manage stress.
bespoke mindfulness

Bespoke mindfulness

Stand-alone course

Once we understand more about your company, we can develop a programme unique to your company and employee needs, developing weekly or monthly mindfulness workshops focused on particular topics, for maximum benefit.

To supplement your employees’ learning, our mindfulness courses include a resources pack with eight enriching bite-sized mindfulness videos.

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