Why companies need to invest in their employee’s Mental Health.

Mental health, like other health conditions, requires dedicated attention. Our aim at WorkSpa is to help you create an environment for your employees that facilitates an ethos of open communication. Our support and initiatives will guide you in developing tools to improve your workplace wellbeing strategies, thus allowing the desired culture – and broader business to thrive and prosper.

WorkSpa is a great way to invest in your employees. During a three-day visit, the team provided massages and stress awareness talks. Our employees have greatly benefited from their holistic approach. Their services have been of great value to us and we cannot express our gratitude enough.


Mental Health Workshops

Our MindHealth workshops are delivered by psychotherapists, consultants and mental health coaches. All our mental health Workshops are interactive and can be delivered in the office or virtually.

Mental Health Awareness

Supporting Stress & Anxiety

This session is divided into four parts covering how to notice and support stress and anxiety in yourself and others, how to begin conversations about wellbeing, how to recognise burnout in ourselves and teams and how to take action when these become significant.

MindHealth Big changes small steps workshop

Big Changes Small Steps

In this session, we explore big changes impacting our lives. We learn how to embrace and accept them by taking action with small steps. By understanding our emotions and responses, we can make choices that support our wellbeing.

Mental health and stress support workshops

Mental Health Awareness

This session explores how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health and the common challenges people face from an intersectional approach. To help remove the stigma and increase confidence in talking about it.

Reflective Safe Spaces Workshop

Effective Communication

This session provides insights and teaches practices to increase confidence in having more supportive and constructive conversations around mental health and well-being. To develop a more collaborative and supportive working environment.

How does it work?

Booking our MindHealth services is easy and efficient. The WorkSpa booking portal is an accessible platform tailored for your company. It allows your employees to book their appointments and stay updated with useful wellbeing resources to support them at work.

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