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The Next 25 Visionaries To Watch

Grace Graham is one of the 25 visionaries to watch nominated by Red’s favourite inspiring, successful women.

Grace Graham at The White Company

Grace Graham Speaks About Wellness at The White Company

Grace Graham at Yahoo

Grace’s Talk at Yahoo how Prince’s Trust Helped her to Become a Successful Entrepreneur


For Coutts Entrepreneurs Month,  Grace Graham Shares Her Hard-hitting Tale. 

Grace Graham in Life and Style

How a Massage at Work Could Help Your Mental Wellbeing

Grace Graham at The Princes Trust

Women Supporting Women initiative to help the next generation of women to thrive.

Grace Graham - The Progress 1000

Grace, our founder, was listed among London’s most influential people 2019 for Health & Wellness on the Evening Standard.

WorkSpa Blogs

How does self-care benefit your health?

How does self-care benefit your health?

A recent survey in the UK has shown that 84% of the UK population feels there should be a greater focus on self-care following the effects of Covid-19. Regular self-care enhanced self-confidence.

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Promoting Good Mental Health at Work

Promoting Good Mental Health at Work

We talk about mental health as if it’s disconnected from our bodies.
This is not the case. Work-related stress, depression or anxiety reached nearly half a million in 2016-17.

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Mental Health in Times of Change

Mental Health in Times of Change

COVID-19 has changed our society overnight. With the increased anxiety around our health, taking care of our mental health is more important than ever. Read our top five tips.

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Wellbeing at Wayfair

Wellbeing at Wayfair

WorkSpa has been supporting the wellbeing of the employees at Wayfair, a home-accessory American company, through the regular use of on-site chair massage in their wonderful space.

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Benefits of Massage at Work

Benefits of Massage at Work

Are you sitting at your desk for long hours at a time, suffering from back aches and pains? Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Are your employees demotivated and sluggish at work? Find the evidence in investing in your employees.

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Alleviating stress at work

Alleviating stress at work

Five facts you can do something about! Suicide mortality rates per 100,000 of populations in the city of London, home to the historical Square Mile...

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Learn from our Wellbeing Experts

We have been supporting corporations since 2016 with the support of the Prince’s Trust; our team of leading experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share at the click of a button.

Get a taster of our wellness library with our experts, access and download them now.

Maya Benarab - Psychotherapist speaking on wellbeing for your body mind and feelings

Maya – Speaking about an amazing technique for your wellbeing BFM (Body, Feelings and Mind).

Lucy Francis - Nutritional therapist speaking on nutrition and foods to boost immunity

Lucy – Speaking about nutrition and foods that boost our immunity.

Kat Polski - Yoga practitioner tips for a healthy strong back wellbeing

Kat – Demonstrating stretches for a strong and healthy lower back.

Holly Warren - Mindfulness practitioner speaking about anxiety and employee wellbeing

Holly – Speaking about Anxiety and how mindfulness can help.

A Note from our Founder Grace Graham

“We wanted to create a portal of resources to continue the ongoing support of our clients while considering how the dynamics of workplaces have changed and adapting how we deliver our wellbeing services.”

WorkSpa Body Health Cards

Desk Stretch Card

Download our desk stretch card, and pin it on your desk to remind you to keep moving throughout the day.

Yoga Card To Help Release Tension

Download our yoga card, for some simple stretches to help reduce tension in the lower back.

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