Self-Care Tips with products from Noughty, a sustainable partner that believes in Wellbeing

Putting ourselves first and making self-care part of our daily routine has many physical and neurological benefits. A recent study** cited the benefits of self-care as enhanced self-confidence (64%), increased productivity (67%), and happiness (71%). From a physical health perspective, self-care reduces heart disease, can help to reduce stress, increase happiness, plus more. 

At WorkSpa, we love building daily self-care rituals into our days. Alongside supporting the wellbeing of our clients with our MindHealth and BodyHealth solutions in the workplace, we remind them that the simple acts of daily care make a significant difference to our wellness. Whether it’s enjoying a few quiet moments with your first drink of the morning or taking a few deep breaths and affirming something positive whilst you take a shower, it’s these simple, unrushed moments, especially at the beginning of your day, that can help you to feel more calm and balanced for the rest of your day.

Morning Self-Care Tips: Mind, Body and Soul! 

Self-care is a unique and personal experience that can vary from individual to individual. What makes you feel good and supports your overall mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing may differ depending on various factors, such as your personal requirements and obstacles at any given time.

Creating a simple and sustainable routine that supports all aspects of your being is vital to creating a wholesome approach to your health. 


When we wake up, we can have a lot on our minds, running through the day’s tasks and can feel anxious about what’s ahead. As soon as you wake up, wait at least 10 minutes before you check your phone or the news and do a simple 10-minute breathing exercise. Our favourite exercises are belly breathing and the Wim Hof breathing method. Both will help calm the nervous system and quiet the chatter in the brain, providing clarity and a clearer perspective to start your day.


Whether you love a nighttime soak in the bath or an energising morning shower, the ritual of getting gloriously clean with delicious products is a huge act of self-care. We have recently discovered Noughty Haircare, a sustainable, 97% natural scalp & haircare brand rooted in the science of plant-powered actives. We have been using their  ‘Care Taker – a 4-step routine for sensitive scalps and hair types. The nature of the routine leaves us feeling full of self-love, with the added bonus of having luscious locks!   

TOP TIPS FOR Self-Head Massage with Noughty dermatologically tested Scalp Soothing Tonic Lotion

After a bath or shower, why not give yourself a head massage? Using your fingers or a scalp massager Noughty – Noughty Scalp Massager, apply pressure to your temples and all around the head in circular motions. A head massage can help relieve stress and reduce tension. It can also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and promote hair growth. When using Noughty’s Scalp Soothing Tonic Lotion, 79% of users noticed their scalp was less dry and more moisturised after the first use. And after four short weeks, 89% of users noticed less irritation and an all-around healthier scalp.* One customer went as far as to say:

“I love how this product made my scalp feel. I have psoriasis in my scalp, and when I use other products, it makes my hair greasy. I love how I could use this product and still feel confident going out with nice feeling hair.”

*4-week consumer study on 109 panellists Oct – Nov 2023

Soul – Spiritual Care

Spiritual self-care is a unique experience for each individual. It involves activities like meditation, prayer, spending time in nature, and being kind to yourself. You can practice self-care in the morning by using loving and caring affirmations such as “I don’t need to be perfect to love myself” and “Everything will work out for my highest good today”. Another helpful practice is keeping a self-care journal to record your thoughts and feelings. Remember to treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you would offer to a friend; this can make a big difference in how you choose your words and approach to self-care. 

Evening  Self-Care Tips: Mind, Body and Soul! 

Winding Down

A wind-down routine at the end of the day is essential for a good night’s sleep. Adding some relaxing activities to your routine can help your nervous system relax and move away from the day’s stress, allowing it to enter a more restful state. 

To ensure that you have a restful night’s sleep and wake up feeling energised for the following day, we recommend the following wind-down self-care tips:

A soothing hot bath

Lavender and magnesium slats will help detoxify the body and calm the nervous system. 

Take Magnesium before you sleep

Researchers show that magnesium may promote better sleep in various ways, such as reducing the stress hormone cortisol, increasing a sleep-promoting hormone called melatonin, and helping to regulate neurotransmitters for the central nervous system. 

How can we bring Self-care to work?

Taking care of yourself while at work is crucial to combat feelings of stress or burnout. Finding ways to manage your mental and physical health in the workplace can make you feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day. Self-care is a reminder that you are a person before an employee. Incorporating a self-care routine into your day can make you feel more centred and satisfied with your workday. Moreover, self-care can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to better productivity in the workplace.

Employers can promote better self-care among employees by providing various activities. Activities such as lunchtime yoga, meditation, or other physical self-care activities can encourage staff to take a break from their desks and participate in these activities. Facilitating walking meetings or starting a walking group can promote personal self-care and strengthen team culture. In addition, having a workplace well-being program and offering access to healthy lifestyle programs can encourage employees to prioritise their self-care.Benefits of 

Why Care is so essential at work?

Self-care is essential for everyone. It has been found that employees who engage in self-care activities tend to be more productive and motivated at work. When an organisation offers self-care activities and encourages or teaches self-care routines, it conveys that the employer is concerned about the health and well-being of the employees. 

Implementing Employee Well-being Programs is an excellent way to demonstrate that your organisation cares for its employees by valuing their lives and health.

** Survey conducted with a nationally representative audience of 1,000 people