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Our story, our team

WorkSpa was founded by Grace Graham in 2016, with the support of The Prince’s Trust.

Passionate about helping companies create an environment where employees feel valued and thrive, Grace’s motivation is inspired by her own experience of not being supported at work, as well as her dedication to holistic services and the huge benefits they bring to mental and physical wellbeing.

Today, the WorkSpa team is run by a committed and experienced group of mental health coaches, psychologists, mindfulness teachers and physical therapists.

Together, they’ve created a dynamic range of MindHealth and BodyHealth courses and in-office initiatives designed to support employees in an holistic way, helping them to feel comfortable about approaching the subject of mental health, and to gain a greater understanding of managing stress and physical wellbeing.


WorkSpa founder, Grace, has been delivering holistic services and client care for 15 years, creating solutions for people and organisations that look holistically at mental and physical wellbeing. In 2017 she became an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, and through speaking about her journey through adversity and entrepreneurship, went on to become the 2019 Prince’s Trust Ambassador of the Year, awarded by HRH Prince Charles.


Diversity and inclusion consultant and coach, Sula, delivers training on anti-racism, mental health awareness and self-development, using the strategies and skills she gained as a Head Teacher and School Improvement Consultant in inner-city London and also in South Korea.


WorkSpa Psychotherapeutic counsellor, Nike, supports the mind-body of individuals and teams, whatever their challenge and opportunity. Her years of experience as a trainer and coach help her to understand the many ways to harness our strengths and resources. She works inclusively and actively with difference and diversity.


Coach and mindfulness teacher, David, is an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator with a background in export business development for clients in Europe, America and Asia. He is passionate about equipping employees with the tools to independently manage their wellbeing.


Mindfulness teacher, Holly, teaches meditation, an integral part of her life since attending a Transcendental Meditation School in her early years. In her classes, Holly uses a non-dogmatic style, synthesising mindfulness traditions from the east with western psychology.


National Massage Championship winner, Vanessa, is a therapist and qualified City & Guilds teacher specialising in aromatherapy, reflexology, deep tissue massage and on-site chair massage. She’s also vastly experienced in providing support and aftercare strategies for employees in corporate settings.

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Sound therapist, Nyomi, works in music, content and sound curation, harnessing her background as a songwriter and performing artist, and using her intuition and extensive knowledge and love of music and sound, to support people on their healing journeys.


Celebrity trainer and founder of F.I.T Jam Dance Movement, Faye, is renowned for her high energy, positive influence through fitness, and prides herself on delivering effective concepts and programmes that motivate individuals to improve their physical and
mental health.


Yoga and mindfulness teacher, Jamie, is a former professional dancer and an expert in using movement to help support our bodies. He teaches privately and at London’s top yoga studios, specialising in vinyasa flow, chair yoga and yoga for the less-abled.


Yoga teacher, Kat, discovered yoga when looking for ways to get fit and to release stress and tension from a demanding corporate job. She was so impressed with the effect on her body and mind that she become a full-time teacher of yoga and its holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health.


Sports massage therapist, Laura, understands the human anatomy and the power of touch, not only the physical effects it can have on the body, but also on emotional wellbeing. This has enabled her to focus on helping people return to optimal fitness levels and to be pain-free.

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Not sure what your employee needs? WorkSpa also offers a ‘Better Company’
audit designed to analyse the current systems you have in place. During this process,
you will work with our consultant creating a recipe unique to your business to form a
healthy working environment.