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Grace Graham founded WorkSpa in 2016 with the support of The Prince’s Trust. Today, the WorkSpa team is run by a diverse, committed, and experienced group of mental health coaches, psychotherapists, Inclusion and diversity consultants, mindfulness teachers, and physical therapists. Our WorkSpa therapists are CthA and FHT certified and all won awards at The National Massage Championship. They are trained in the WorkSpa signature holistic massage, designed to relieve employees from the postural stresses of work with a therapeutic touch that rejuvenates and re-energises. Together, we’ve created a dynamic range of MindHealth and BodyHealth programmes and in-office initiatives designed to support your workpakce wellbeing holistically, helping employees feel comfortable approaching the subject of mental health and a greater understanding of managing stress and physical well-being.


Grace Graham - Founder of WorkSpa workplace wellbeing

Grace Graham

Founder of WorkSpa, Grace has many years of experience delivering holistic services and client care; In 2017, she became an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, speaking at high-profile events globally to help change more young lives. She won the regional and national Ambassador of The Year award by HRH King Charles in 2018 – 2019.

Sula Graham - WorkSpa Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Sula Graham

WorkSpa Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Sula has vast experience delivering training on inclusive initiatives, mental health awareness and self-development. Her background in education as a School Improvement Consultant in inner-city London and South Korea has equipped her with the skills to manage and lead strategies for large organisations to ensure they run effectively.

David Dodd - WorkSpa Coach and mindfulness teacher

David Dodd

WorkSpa Coach and mindfulness teacher, David, is an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator with a background in expert business development for clients in Europe, America and Asia. He is passionate about equipping employees with the tools to independently manage their wellbeing.

Nike Siffre - WorkSpa Psychotherapeutic counsellor

Nike Siffre

WorkSpa Psychotherapeutic counsellor, Nike, has years of experience as a trainer and coach. She works inclusively and is passionate about finding sustainable solutions for individuals and teams from a holistic perspective to create awareness and change.

Holly Warren - WorkSpa Mindfulness teacher

Holly Warren

WorkSpa Mindfulness teacher, Holly, is passionate about teaching individuals the benefits of mindfulness and effective ways to implement it into our daily lives. Meditation is an integral part of her life since attending a Transcendental Meditation School in her early years. Holly uses a non-dogmatic style in her classes, synthesising mindfulness traditions from the East with Western psychology.

Vanessa Passarella - WorkSpa City & Guilds massage teacher and trainer

Vanessa Passarella

WorkSpa City & Guilds massage teacher and trainer Vanessa is passionate about training our therapists to the highest standard. She also specialises in aromatherapy, reflexology, and on-site chair massage and is dedicated to teaching the importance of self-care to employees at work.

Sebastian Shakespeare - WorkSpa mental health therapist

Sebastian Shakespeare

WorkSpa therapist Sebastian has an insatiable desire to deliver the ultimate treatment with passion, poise and consistency. Training in massage by way of Miami and over a decade of experience in the field, he brings a holistic ideology to every treatment.

Sam Young - WorkSpa massage therapy award winner

Sam Young

WorkSpa Award winner of Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage 2022 at The National Massage Championship, Sam is incredibly passionate about how individuals can improve their quality of life through massage. He is dedicated to providing tailored treatments and aftercare to create effective change.

Winston Stephenson - WorkSpa Exercise Mindfulness Physiologist

Winston Stephenson

WorkSpa Exercise Physiologist Winston, specialises in Physio and injury prevention. With years of experience, he has supported many high profile teams and the Irish Touch Rugby Association at the European and World Championships. His ethos is that optimum Health, wellness and fitness can only be achieved through a Balanced state of being.

Laura Garcia Lopez - WorkSpa massage therapy award winner

Laura Garcia Lopez

WorkSpa award winner of Chair Massage 2022 at The National Massage Championship; Laura is passionate about providing a high-quality service with effective aftercare to employees at work. She specialises in Japanese Preventive Medicine and backs Alignment techniques to support her treatments.

Ellen Thomson- WorkSpa Sports Therapist for physical and mental health

Ellen Thomson

WorkSpa Sports Therapist Ellen is passionate about finding solutions for individuals to help rectify postal alignments in the body. She also specialises in Myofascial Release and Chair Massage. She is dedicated to ensuring that everyone she works with knows how to improve their physical and mental health.

Kareen Archer - WorkSpa beauty therapist for mindfulness

Kareen Archer

WorkSpa beauty therapist Kareen has a love and passion for all things beauty. She specialises in a range of nail treatments. With many years in the industry, she is an experienced and skilled therapist who loves making people feel beautiful inside and out.

Kat Polski - WorkSpa Yoga teacher for physical and mental health wellbeing

Kat Polski

WorkSpa Yoga teacher, Kat, discovered yoga when looking for ways to release stress and tension from a demanding corporate job. She was so impressed with the effect on her body and mind that she became a full-time teacher. Kat is passionate about teaching employees the importance of yoga from a holistic approach.

Faye Edwards - WorkSpa Celebrity trainer for positive health wellbeing

Faye Edwards

WorkSpa Celebrity trainer and founder of F.I.T Jam Dance Movement, Faye, is renowned for her high energy and positive influence through fitness. She prides herself on delivering effective concepts and programmes that motivate individuals to improve their physical and mental health.

Laura Sparling - WorkSpa Sports massage therapist

Laura Sparling

WorkSpa Sports massage therapist, Laura, understands the human anatomy and the power of touch, not only the physical effects it can have on the body, but also on emotional wellbeing. This has enabled her to focus on helping people return to optimal fitness levels and to be pain-free.

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