WorkSpa provides on-site chair massage at Wayfair 

Wayfair is an American company that sells home goods; the company was founded in 2002 and now sells many home furnishings and décor items. Wayfair has offices and warehouses throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

WorkSpa has been supporting the wellbeing of the employees at Wayfair through the regular use of on-site chair massage.

WorkSpa attends Wayfair office in Angel, a wonderful space with lots of natural light, and cool and funky décor. The environment is employee friendly, with comfortable desk areas and a large eating space with posters promoting health and well-being.

Wayfair believes in the ongoing development of their employee’s health at work. Implementing various strategies such as massage, yoga, healthy snacks and well-being tips.

As a company, they have created a calm and caring culture which encourages their employees to be conscious of their health and to encourage participation in a range of activities while at work, a great work-life balance.

Massage at Wayfair

When WorkSpa attends the Wayfair office, there is an overwhelming sense of a caring community. Enthusiastic employees, eager and excited to take part in their treatments.

Wayfair provide ergonomically designed desks to help combat discomfort caused by sitting or standing for extended periods and also collaborates with WorkSpa to offer treatments which help staff feel more energetic and supple.

WorkSpa therapists use a unique blend of massage techniques from Deep Tissue to Acupressure Points, which enables each treatment to be highly effective in releasing tension in a shorter space of time.

Employees describe feeling more energetic, less tense and refocused after their treatments.

Hear what the Wayfair employees think.

“We recently had the lovely team from WorkSpa visit our office and provide 15-minute long massages to weary team members. This was such a fantastic experience for our team, and we found ourselves more relaxed and comfortable in a few minutes beneath their magic fingers. We highly recommend this dynamic and innovative company and look forward to working with them again.”

It gives us great pleasure to be able to support a company that puts the well-being of its employees at the forefront of their company’s policies; after all, happy employees make for a happy and more productive company.