Wellbeing Audit

Our WorkSpa Wellbeing Audit will help us to identify the support you need in specific areas of employee well-being. It is not always easy knowing where to start in building a well-being strategy for your company. We will help you find the right direction and key areas of focus, using our dynamic range of services to create a unique package of wellbeing services, to help boost productivity.

61% of employees are more reactive than proactive in their approach to well-being

– CIPD report: Growing The Health and Wellbeing Agenda: From steps to full potential, 2016

How it Works

1 – Wellbeing Audit

We work closely with your teams to understand current systems in place, to determine the level of support needed for your employees.

2 – Share our findings and recommendations

Through our analysis we will share qualitative and quantitive employee statistics, our findings and recommendations to help take your employee well-being to the next level.

3 – Deliver

After a debrief, WorkSpa creates a well-being programme specific to your companies needs.

4 – Benchmark

We believe in results – to keep – effectiveness of the programme and positive outcome. We work closely with you to develop a new and positive infrastructure and identity for your organisation.