Working With Mental Health

Why Companies Need To Invest In Their Employees Mental Health

Mental health, like other health conditions, requires dedicated attention. Our aim at WorkSpa is to help you create an environment for your employees that facilitates an ethos of open communication. With our support and initiatives, we will guide you in creating tools to improve your workplace, thus allowing the desired culture – and wider business to prosper.

Cases of work related stress, depression and anxiety reached nearly half a million in 2016-2017 causing 12.5 million working days to be lost.

– Health and Safety Executives: 2016-2017

How WorkSpa Enables Better Mental Health Practices

Our mental health workshop training and one-to-ones offer managers and employees, tools and strategies that are easy to take away and call upon in times of need. We have a simple three step process:

1. Educate staff on mental health conditions.

2. Sharing findings and recommendations

3. Encourage an open dialogue on stigmas and challenges when talking about mental health at work.