WorkSpa at Home service for employees

WorkSpa at Home

To help our clients navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic, our team created a range of bite-sized, interactive wellbeing videos that are now the foundation of our WorkSpa at Home video library.

Today, it covers a growing range of core topics around mental wellbeing, managing stress, mindfulness, nutrition, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and psychotherapy…all delivered, at the click of a button, by our expert team.

So whether you access these on subscription for your employees, or buy the content for your own wellbeing hub,
our masterclasses provide accessible, flexible and affordable support, all delivered as short sessions that best fit each
individual’s needs and learning style.

Learn from our Experts

With the support of The Prince’s Trust, and by working with businesses since 2016, we’ve built a team of leading experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share…at the click of a button.

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A Note from our Founder

“Recognising that the dynamics of the workplace have changed, we created WorkSpa at Home to continue the ongoing support of our clients by adapting how we deliver our wellbeing services to meet the ‘new normal’. WorkSpa at Home helps maintain easy and accessible support for employees, wherever they’re located, creating a go-to mental and physical wellbeing resource they can tap into at any time.”

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