WorkSpa at Home

WorkSpa at Home provides companies with a monthly refreshed programme that encompasses everything employees need to help manage their welfare while working from home, and beyond in their daily lives.

The core of the programme is delivered digitally, five days week via effective ten-minute-long (approx) video sessions. These weekly sessions cover core topics around mental wellbeing and musculoskeletal care, run by our highly skilled practitioners trained in mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and psychotherapy.

WorkSpa at Home is Divided into Three Key Segments:


General workplace wellbeing advice that varies monthly from musculoskeletal care to nutrition. These sessions will develop overtime inspired by our monthly feedback supplied by employees.


Teaching mindfulness & meditation practices that allow employees to bring the principals of mindfulness into their daily lives in an easy and sensitive way to help manage stress.

Rejuvenation Yoga

Vinyasa flow classes focus on stretches to strengthen the core, upper and lower back. With restorative teachings to help bring a sense of calm to your mind and body.

Included in WorkSpa at Home

  • Employee introduction to the programme video
  • Monthly updated calendar of events
  • 20 x daily video sessions, five days a week
  • Aftercare card
  • Daily yoga positions card
  • Daily desk stretches card
  • Monthly feedback form that allows employees input for consideration of what they’d like to learn over the following months
  • Live monthly group Q&A session with our practitioners (Optional)

Benefits of WorkSpa at Home

Engaging your employees in the same programme that covers all aspects of their mental and physical well-being will not only help your employees feel valued and cared for, but will enhance the sense of team building and community in your organisation and aid them to work more effectively.

We wanted to create this programme to continue the on-going support of our clients, and to start to support any companies that need it during these difficult times. We also wanted to consider and adapt our work to how the dynamics of workplaces have changed, and how not being able to interact as closely with our colleagues will have an effect on how we work. We believe WorkSpa at Home will help businesses maintain a sense of community in their organisations that will benefit them individually and collectively.

– A note from our Founder