WorkSpa’s mission is to help companies to support their employee’s mental health, work satisfaction and productivity at work through inclusive and holistic solutions, and we are so excited when we find other companies sharing the same values and same passion for wellbeing- that’s why the partnership with Willy’s ACV was born!

Who is Willy’s ACV company?

An organic and probiotic ferments brand based in Herefordshire. From apple to bottle, Willy’s ACV is single estate, and every bottle of their apple cider vinegar contains the live mother from their 300-year-old orchards.

A perfect addition to your diet to improve your gut health, Willy’s apple cider vinegar can be used in a variety of ways. To ensure you get your daily dose, you can drink or drizzle their ACV.

Offering a host of blends on their website, each bottle is packed with gut-friendly goodness, thanks to the use of antioxidant-rich ingredients. From turmeric, black pepper and honey blend into a scrumptious fire cider, you can add the product to water, a smoothie, a yummy salad dressing or even for a marinade.

How did the partnership start?

WorkSpa offers nutritional workshops, and we have created a bespoke programme for 22 Bishopsgate that believes in creating a working culture that empowers the health and well-being of its tenants. 

Throughout this year WorkSpa is delivering a health series on nutritional and interactive workshops provided by their Gut & Hormone Naturopathic Health Specialists. The nutrition focussed workshops cover a range of topics from women’s health with a focus on fertility, menstrual health and menopause to educating employees on healthy eating patterns and choosing the right foods to boost energy and brain function in the workplace, with a special focus on feeding the microbiome for immunity and gut health – this is where our partnership with Willy’s ACV comes in!

We are proud to partner with Willy’s ACV, who are providing one of their wonderful ACV shots at all of our nutrition wellbeing workshops this year, helping employees practice everything they learn about supporting their gut health. Let’s work together for a healthier workspace!